About Jai

In 2002, my wife Kylie and I bought our first home together, here in Bassendean.  We love it so much we plan never to leave.  We have raised four children here and we like the convenience of being close to both the river and the train line, being surrounded by trees, and having access to the well-run community services that make our Town an ideal place in which to live.


Almost every day, our lives are improved by the community services and facilities we provide for each other through our local government. Whether it is bowling to our kids in cricket nets; kicking the footy around the park after school; using community BBQs for family picnics; borrowing books from our library to read our children; having our children cared for while we work; playing tennis with our neighbours; or taking walks by the River, our Town’s facilities enrich our lives and bring us closer to our community. 


Over the years, Kylie and I have been actively involved in local community groups, and the sports clubs our children belonged to. I spent eleven winters volunteering, running messages and coaching for the Bassendean Junior Football Club, serving on the committee and for a time in the role of Vice President.  Over the summers, I coached and umpired for the Bassendean Junior Cricket Club, serving for a time as President of the club.  As an active member of the Bassendean Preservation Group, I have planted hundreds of trees in and around our shared open spaces.


These experiences gave us the opportunity to meet and form friendships with other local families, and reinforced just how important community-run volunteer groups are to making our community active, safe and strong.


Like many people, I did not pay close attention to what was going on in our Council until they started making decisions I did not understand.  When four out of six of our Councillors voted to approve high-rise apartment developments on our Bassendean Oval, I became very concerned that some of our elected representatives do not value community opinion, and I decided to roll my sleeves up and get involved.


That is why I am running for Council.  I want to help make our Town’s Council a place where transparency, accountability and genuine community engagement are at the heart of a great local government that puts the needs of our community over the interests of property developers.  This will be my focus, if you elect me as a Councillor to the Town of Bassendean.