Accountable & Responsible Local Government

I will:

  • Improve the transparency, accountability and ethical standards of our local government

  • Ensure decisions are made in the best interests of the people in our Town rather than for commercial and vested interests.

  • Provide better scrutiny of our Town budgets to identify and eliminate waste.


Without strong financial and governance practices, local governments can be vulnerable to fraud, corruption and misconduct.


That is why I believe that our Town Council should be vigilant in ensuring that our Town’s employees and the contractors they engage are accountable for their conduct and for the ways they spend our money.


If elected to Council, I will work with other Councillors to ensure that our Town demonstrates the highest ethical standards, and be vigilant to prevent conflicts of interest. The commercial interests of the few should never prevail over the best interests of our community.


I will work to raise our Town’s standards of financial responsibility so that we can identify and eliminate waste and unnecessary spending in order to put downward pressure on rate increases.  I will also scrutinise our Town’s contracting expenditure to ensure we are getting quality service and value for money.


I want a Town Council that is accountable to ratepayers and makes responsible decisions for the good of our community.

To learn more about what I stand for, check out my answers to frequently asked questions here. If you have a question, send it to or phone 0427 690 053.