Dogs on Ashfield Flats 

As the campaign progresses, I'm getting asked lots of interesting questions. I'm going to put the questions and answers as they arise right here so that everyone can see what I stand for in relation to the issues that matter to them.

7 September  2017

"I heard today that some of the candidates running for Bassendean Council would be hoping to change Ashfield Flats to a dog free zone. Jai Wilson was mentioned. Is this true?”

No, it is not true. In fact the opposite is true.

Ashfield Flats is owned fee-simple by the WA Planning Commission. It is also known as Bush Forever Site 214. Ashfield Flats is not owned by the Town of Bassendean nor is it managed by the Town of Bassendean. The Bassendean Town Council, therefore, could not make the Ashfield Flats a "dog free zone" even if it wanted to because it has no management control over the Ashfield Flats.

While this remains the case, the Town of Bassendean Council also can not make the Ashfield Flats a designated off-leash Dog Exercise area either. As it currently stands, the only off-leash Dog Exercise Areas in our Town are:

  • Bassendean - Carman Way Reserve, Anzac Terrace Reserve, Ireland Way Reserve, Palmerston Square Reserve, May Holman Reserve, Pickering Park, Troy Street Reserve, Parmelia Way Reserve

  • Eden Hill - Freeland Way Reserve, Mary Crescent Reserve, Padbury Court Reserve

  • Ashfield - Gary Blanch Park, Ashfield Reserve between Guildford Road and the line of the fire track on the reserve.

My policy position is that the Town of Bassendean should seek to purchase an area of the Ashfield Flats Bush Forever Site 214 from the WA Planning Commission so that it can be managed by the Town, and so that it can be made into a designated off-leash Dog Exercise Area. I suggest the area at the East end of Ashfield Flats would be a good location as there is a sandy beach there which would be a good place for people to also swim their dogs.


I support there being an identified dog off-lead exercise area for our Town's two and four legged residents to enjoy on the Ashfield Flats. There currently is not one.