Frequently Asked Questions 

As the campaign progresses, I'm getting asked lots of interesting questions. I'm going to put the questions and answers as they arise right here so that everyone can see what I stand for in relation to the issues that matter to them.

"What is your position on the review of theTown of Bassendean's Leadership and Governance Policies?"

18 August 2017 Submission to the Town of Bassendean Leadership and Governance Review

"What are your political affiliations?" Find my response here

"I heard today that some of the candidates running for Bassendean Council would be hoping to change Ashfield Flats to a dog free zone. Jai Wilson was mentioned. Is this true?” Find my response here

"Can you confirm your position on the growing of and use of marijuana?" Find my response here

If you have a question, send it to or phone 0427 690 053.