Creating Spaces for Our Children to be Active

Our Town is getting more and more crowded. Back yards are being replaced with houses, and our shared open spaces come under constant pressure from developers.  These development pressures reduce the space available for children to explore, play, and enjoy physical activity which, in turn, contributes to social isolation and increased rates of childhood obesity.


That is why I believe that we should create a series of nature-based playgrounds in our Town’s shared open spaces so we can make it easier and safer for our children to be active and to use their imaginations.


If elected to Council, I will work with other Councillors to develop a plan to create natural and challenging spaces for children to play in, where they can learn to recognise and negotiate risk and build confidence.


I want a Town Council that builds nature-based playgrounds throughout our Town that make it easier and safer for our children to be active and use their imaginations.



Nature Play WA

To learn more about what I stand for, check out my answers to frequently asked questions here. If you have a question, send it to or phone 0427 690 053.