Protecting & Enhancing the Quality of Our River & Wetlands

Caring for Our Unique Environment


I will:

  • Turn our river drainage systems into living streams that clean our water run-off and make our river healthier.

  • Assist revegetation programs that stabilise our Riverbank.

  • Provide a home for the Bassendean Preservation Group Grow Centre in our Town.


Transforming Our Open Drains into Living Streams


If we do not take sensible precautions to remove fertilisers and chemicals from our storm water before it leaves our open drains, then we will continue to add to algal blooms and the pollution of our river.


That is why I believe that we should transform the open drain network in our Town into living streams that clean our water run-off and make our river healthier.


If elected to our Town’s Council, I will support programs that enable community volunteer groups and primary school river rangers to plant vegetation in our open drains so we can do our part to improve the water quality in the Swan River.



Waterways Management and Living Streams

Biofiltration Systems

Stormwater Management

Stabilising our Riverbank and Enhancing our Wetlands


Our Town’s 7km stretch of riverbank is under threat from natural and human caused erosion which causes our riverbank to crumble and trees to fall into the river.


That is why I believe that we should stabilise our River foreshore and adjoining wetlands in a way that retains access to the river for our community.


If elected to our Town’s Council, I would work closely with volunteer groups like the Bassendean Preservation Group (BPG), the Success Hill Action Group (SHAG), the Ashfield Community Action Network (AshfieldCAN), Friends of Bindaring Park, and primary school River Ranger programs to deliver replanting programs that stabilise our riverbank, and preserve and enhance our natural bush and wetlands.


Currently, the Bassendean Preservation Group (BPG) GroCentre is located in the City of Belmont.  I believe that our Council should provide a home in our Town for the important work BPG does.


I want a Town Council that protects and enhances the quality of our river and wetlands.



Bassendean Preservation Group (BPG)


Success Hill Action Group (SHAG)

Friends of Bindaring Park

River Ranger Cadets Program

To learn more about what I stand for, check out my answers to frequently asked questions here. If you have a question, send it to or phone 0427 690 053.

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