Preserving Our Unique Character

Developing our Town Sensibly and Sustainably


I will:

  • Promote the development and renewal of our Town in a way that preserves our unique character and protects and enhances our shared open spaces.

  • Encourage a sensible mix of commercial and residential developments walking distance from Train stations.

  • Promote urban design and planning that uses land in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.


Without sensible planning decisions that engage the community and preserve our shared open spaces, our Town could develop in ways that reduces amenity and lowers our quality of life.


That is why I believe that we need to find the right balance between developing for the future and preserving our Town’s unique character and protecting our shared open spaces.º

Like many people, I did not pay close attention to what was going on in our Council until they started making decisions I did not understand.  When four out of six of our Councillors voted to approve high-rise apartment developments on our Bassendean Oval, I became very concerned that some of our elected representatives do not value community opinion, and I decided to roll my sleeves up and get involved.


If elected to Council, I will support the renewal of our Town centre in a way that combines heritage with modern design in mixed commercial and residential developments, so long as our shared open spaces and community recreation facilities are retained and enhanced.


I will work to ensure planning decisions develop attractive, safe and liveable neighbourhoods in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.


I want a Town Council that makes planning decisions that preserve our Town’s unique character and protect and enhance our shared open spaces.



Liveable Neighbourhoods

To learn more about what I stand for, check out my answers to frequently asked questions here. If you have a question, send it to or phone 0427 690 053.